Made in Britain

This is a subject very close to my heart as the third generation of “Goodfellows” that have been manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards in the garden of England since 1962!

What I have learned over the last 30 years of my involvement in the business is that there is a lot more to a successful business than buying at the cheapest price. Printed Circuit boards can be a complex product where many choices can have a significant outcome on the quality, suitability, reliability and longevity of a product. We can’t all be experts at everything so it makes sense to bring in the skills and knowledge of people that are experts in their field.

You wouldn’t ask your Plumber to re-wire your house and you certainly wouldn’t trust buying your circuit boards from somebody who didn’t actually make them or possibly didn’t know how to. Would you?

How do you avoid these pitfalls?

You buy from somebody that you trust. If it is a new purchase you may refer to reviews or recommendations and one sure fire way to achieve this is buying from a reputable British manufacturer.

We pride ourselves in being a British Manufacturer. As such, we stock the necessary materials here in the UK. There is no long and increasingly expensive haulage route for your product to take. We make it here, now and you will have it tomorrow – that is how it works.

If you have a question you phone, we answer your question – job done!

If there is an issue with your data, we will communicate it quickly and easily to resolve in a timely manner, not just return your payment and close the order before it has even started.

We believe very strongly in our business and as such have joined Here you will find strong British manufacturers from all different sectors but with a similar conviction and strength of purpose.

When thinking about buying your next batch of PCB’s we ask only that you consider the total cost of the purchasing decision , not just the unit cost. I think you will be surprised if you total up all the wasted time and re-spins of a design which could have been avoided.

You will also be getting a very warm feeling from re-investing your hard earned money into the British economy which, after all, is investing in you and I as well as our children’s future.

Something to think about?