A time to reflect?

In the 30 years that I have been at Minnitron Ltd and probably over the 58 years that we have existed, there has never been a more uncertain time. In times of conflict or uncertainty we tend to look back on the things that have been consistent and that have worked for us in the past, to give us confidence to move forward in the future.

I have been taking stock at what is important to our business and to the businesses that are close to mine and each time it comes down to people. As human beings it is important to support each other in times of need – it is natural to do so. The people that are most important personally, of course, are you family and friends, but who are they in a business sense? I would suggest they are your colleagues, your staff, your customers and your supply chain. All of which push together to facilitate yours and their existence, not just today but everyday and into the future.

How can we protect these people? From a staff perspective it seems fairly straight forward in that we must all respect and support each other. So why is it that we tend to neglect to do the same to the businesses and supply chain that are most immediate to us? In a Global crisis it seems to make most sense to me to support local. If you are able to trade with local companies you not only reduce the risk in an extended change of supply but you pump money back into the resource you can rely on.

I am not using the word “support” in a way that suggests you should buy from noncompetitive sources for the sake of it but to take all aspects of your buying decision into account rather than just the price. China is a useful resource if used wisely but the global pandemic that we currently face makes the argument for British Manufactured products very strong.

Throughout this pandemic Minnitron Ltd has been supported by their local and where necessary national suppliers to continue to operate and produce much needed product for UK Plc, not least the NHS and other medical providers.

As a manufacturer we love to make things. We invest heavily in our staff and plant to be consistent, competitive and ever present.

Maybe now the world has changed forever we can change the way we operate – forever. Support UK manufacturing to support yourselves as when the World is in chaos we know we can rely on each other.