An uncertain world

Paul Goodfellow

There is one thing that you can always be certain of in business and that is uncertainty! In the PCB industry there are many ups and downs ranging from the fluctuation in the type and volume of work that we receive to the massive changes in the global economy, mainly from China, that affect our everyday lives.

We at Minnitron have lived through more than most having been making Printed Circuit Boards for over 50 years (53 at time of writing). We have seen the rise and fall of large scale manufacturing and the subsequent shifts in volume production from the UK to the Eastern Bloc and then moving onwards to the Far East.

One thing has always been common throughout these years is “only the strong survive”. By running the best business in your prevailing market you can ensure that your business can flourish. In order to be the best (or one of) it is wise to align yourself with other key players in the market so that you can offer a “Cherry picked” service of all that is good in the Electronics industry to your customers.

This is what Minnitron can provide. We have aligned ourselves with the best companies for production of the things that aren’t our core skills,  so rather than spreading ourselves thinly and being a “Jack of all trades” we have concentrated on what we do best and pooling some quality resources in the areas we are lacking.

As I am sure you are aware from reading this website our key competences are in quick turnaround, smaller volume Pcb manufacture with particular strengths in very quick (1,2 -3 day) turnaround of PTH and single sided boards. We also excel in unclad spacers and front panels.

However, if you do need Aluminium backed boards (IMS), high layer count, assembly or volume production we have the best people at hand to meet your needs.

By being flexible and approachable we can help turn today’s ever changing market place to your advantage.