UK is best: why use a UK supplier

We believe there are a number of reasons why it makes sound business sense to use a UK supplier for your PCB needs.

Customer Service / Reliability
As a UK-based, family firm we believe in investing in our staff, which then pays dividends for our customers too. Many of our team members have been with us for a number of years and are highly skilled and used to dealing with a wide variety of PCB jobs. They understand the nature of the UK market and the different challenges facing our customers. We ensure that we are in close contact with our clients from start to finish and are always on hand to offer advice as to the best way to approach a project. We can take you through the whole process, from design to delivery, ensuring that the finished product meets your needs perfectly.

We use high-quality materials and are continuously investing in new machinery, to ensure that we are able to deliver the best possible product. We only work with trusted partners and monitor your job closely so that the highest possible standards are maintained. We understand that our customers often want to push technological boundaries and we love the challenge of working with them to do so!

Competitive pricing
It’s a myth that British products are necessarily more expensive. We are often able to compete on price with PCB manufacturers around the globe.

For many of our customers, it is vital that confidentiality is a key part of our business relationship. We appreciate the fact that new technological advances need to be made in an environment of privacy. To that end, we regularly have confidentiality agreements in place with our clients and ensure that strict secrecy is maintained.

Quick turnaround
We have the flexibility to turn around prototypes in as little as 24 hours and offer a fast delivery service when speed is of the essence.



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