One stop shop – more benefits than you would think.

You have an idea, maybe even a design. Before you the opportunities are endless, but so are the questions. To turn your idea into a working product takes many steps and you aren’t likely to know where to turn and who to turn to.


Minnitron Ltd has been helping people through this process for decades and therefore have a wealth of experience in just this field. We can take your idea and in total confidentiality bring it to the marketplace. We have design and manufacturing capability and if there are any areas we can’t cover directly we have partnerships with a whole industry of knowledge. These skills include the following:-

  • Software development
  • Pcb design and layout
  • Rapid Protoyping in as little as 24 hours.
  • Pcb manufacture Uk
  • Volume Far East manufacture
  • Pcb assembly
  • Box buid
  • Test
  • Distribution

We understand the need for getting your product to the market quickly and what better way than have all facets covered by the same people. That central project management is integral in making everything happen in unison and to dovetail perfectly.

For example with the Pcb design, it will be done with the Pcb manufacture in mind to ease production. It will also be produced in liaison with the assembly processes without a second thought. All of these things would take extra time and resources to achieve in a normal environment, but here at Minnitron Ltd they all happen in concert.

The other huge benefit with dealing with a company such as ours and our team of affiliates is that you are speaking to the people in charge. If you have a question it will be answered by people who can make decisions and have authority to act. This is something that is overlooked to often and simply makes things work.