Recover to the new normal

Irrespective of your industry, your vocation or even your country it seems that our lives will be different from this day forward!

We are assessing our world on a daily basis and asking the following questions……

  1. How resilient is our supply chain?
  2. How can we use the current situation to benefit Minnitron and therefore our customers?
  3. Are we as a country too reliant on any given territory i.e China or Europe?
  4. Can we shorten our supply chain to reduce the exposure to travel restrictions or more lockdowns imposed by the Corona Virus? See my other blog on Made in Britain.

We can and have made changes to a number of key areas.

  1. We are holding more stock of more difficult to source materials.
  2. We are shoring up alliances with UK manufacturers that provide services that we can’t provide.
  3. We have purchased a significant amount of good quality equipment to improve our in house manufacturing capabilities as well as quality.
  4. We are broadening our product offering to provide a wider range based around our core competencies.

We are also looking even more closely at training for the already highly skilled and experienced staff as the investment in every individual pays huge dividends in product quality, consistency and of course the bottom line! I can never understand businesses that continually invest in their people but are unable to retain them! Staff and training thereof are huge costs and there is no point in training alone. If they aren’t happy for whatever reason, they simply won’t stay and then it is all a waste.

Where there is muck there is brass! An old saying but very true. We have the skills to provide solutions to a lot of problems and as good as China are for longer lead more straight forward work if you need to talk through a problem to get an effective answer you can’t beat talking to a team of Pcb experts from Minnitron Ltd.

Minnitron Ltd has seen a lot of ups and downs in our 58 years of Pcb manufacture. None quite like the COVID -19 pandemic but we have a proven track record in evolving through difficult times. We can see the opportunity in the chaos and we are here to make the best of this difficult time to once again thrive in moving forward.