Welcome to 2022

Could 2022 possibly bring new complications to the table that we hadn’t already seen in 2020 and 2021?

Covid, supply shortages, staff shortages and Inflation are a but a few of the delights that have befallen businesses and individuals alike over the last couple of years, but as they say “What doesn’t break you makes you stronger”!.

We are still very much here (stronger than ever) and producing all of your PCB requirement from our factory in Ramsgate, Kent, England.

Incase you needed a little reminder we manufacuture here on site the following:-

  • Single sided Printed Circuit Boards
  • Double sided Printed Circuit Boards
  • Quick turn in as little as 24 hours
  • Ni/Au (Enig) surface finish
  • Lead free hasl surface finish
  • Specialist laminates eg Rogers.

In addition we handle all of your assembly requirements and dovetail the whole manufacturing process for your ease and efficiency.

If you want just a couple of boards please visit our prototyping website at www.pcbpanel.co.uk